Hair Transplantation with FUE Technique

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction), used in hair transplantation, is the process of taking hair follicles one by one from the nape or other hairy parts of the body (such as chest, back) with very thin special needles (punch) of 0.7-1 mm without any surgical cutting. is the name. The most visible difference from the other method, namely the FUT method, is that there is no suture scar on the neck and the healing occurs more quickly. The FUE technique is applied as an effective solution-providing alternative, especially in people with insufficient donor area flexibility.

One of the most obvious differences between the FUE Technique and the FUT Technique is the way the hair follicles are taken. The planting phase is the same as in the FUT technique. In terms of results, both methods are healthy and effective.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

Stages of the FUE Method:

  • It starts with shaving the nape hair before the operation with the FUE Technique. This process will take about an hour on average. Compared to the other method, a larger area should be prepared.
  • The area where the FUE Technique will be applied is professionally wiped with antiseptic solutions and a completely sterile environment is created and this area is anesthetized with local anesthesia.
  • After the area where the hair follicles will be taken is anesthetized with local anesthesia, the roots are extracted one by one with very thin needles with a diameter of 0.9-1 mm. This process will take an average of 3 hours. Since this process takes a little longer than the other stages, it is appropriate to take a break after the stage. With the comfort of your home, you can rest and relax as you wish, and benefit from the service you want during these break times, as at every moment.
  • The grafts obtained as a result of the removal of the roots consist of follicular units. Usually no action will be required on it.
  • The above procedures are repeated for 2-6 days until the desired number of grafts for the application is completed.
  • There is no need for a very crowded operation team. This application is made by a doctor from start to finish.
Stages of FUE Method

Micromotor Application Used in FUE Technique

With the FUE Technique, the hair is shaved number 1 during the micro motor application. (This Shaving is done hygienically with sterile solutions by our expert team at Antalya Hair Transplantation Center.)

After the hygienic sterile shaving procedure, local anesthesia is performed. Anesthesia is done with the thinnest tips. You will not feel any pain or pain during the hair removal process.

The hair follicles to be taken are started to be collected one by one with a micro motor. It is aimed to collect the number of grafts one by one and complete it as a minimum of 2500-3200 grafts, and to complete it as 6250-8000 hair strands. Since this procedure is performed to collect a large number of grafts, the procedure takes 8-9 hours. The collected roots are preserved with special solutions.


Micro Motor Application Used in FUE Technique

After this process, suitable hair channels are prepared for planting the collected roots. This is the procedure that will determine the direction, frequency and naturalness of the patient’s hair follicles. Since the transplantations made in our hospital are completely suitable for the hair root direction and hair structure of my patients, the transplanted hair will be extremely natural and aesthetic. Undoubtedly, it is troublesome and difficult for the hair slots to be thin and dense. This situation requires a professional and expert team. It will reveal the difference of Antalya Hair Transplantation Center.

The next hair transplantation stage is the process of placing the hair follicles collected in the opened hair sockets one by one. In this process, transplantation is performed in accordance with the patient’s hair root directions, and the transplanted hair is planted in groups of one or two to make it natural. The front rows are planted not like a line, but with zigzags, ensuring that they are natural.

Afterwards, your hair is cleaned with special solutions and information is given after transplantation. Our patient can go home with his hair transplanted or stay in our hospital for 1 night as our guest. The patient will be able to be discharged easily after the dressing is done the next morning. The growth of hair will start healthy after 4 months, it will continue to grow up to 1 year and become fuller and more lush.

After this process, the collected roots are used for planting.

How many sessions is FUE Hair Transplantation done?

  • In hair transplantation with the FUE technique, transplanting 3-5 thousand strands in one session affects the quality. Of course, it is possible to do more. However, since separating it into sessions will affect the result more healthily, it would be more appropriate to divide it into sessions. Hair transplant operation with FUE technique is more comfortable and advantageous than other methods. We can list these advantages and comforts as follows;
  • Since the hair follicles are taken one by one without surgical intervention in hair transplantation with the FUE technique, nothing occurs except for slight dimples. These pits disappear completely within a few days.
  • In hair transplantation with FUE technique, it is not only dependent on the nape area to take hair. Hair can be taken for transplantation from all parts of the body, even from the chest area.
  • With the FUE technique, the hair transplantation session interval is maximum two weeks. The process can be completed within a month without the need to wait for months.


How Many Sessions Does FUE Hair Transplantation Take?

In order to minimize the loss of time during Hair Transplantation with the FUE Technique, which is performed by highly professional and expert hands in Antalya Hair Transplantation Center, our professional expert team performs the separation of hair follicles on the one hand, and the area where the hair will be transplanted is anesthetized and holes are prepared for hair transplantation. The process is completed by placing the hair follicles, which are ready for planting, into the drilled holes.