PRP Hair Treatment


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is used in hair treatment, is the process of improving unkempt hair follicles with a small sample taken from the person’s own blood, briefly. PRP hair treatment, which can be easily applied in about half an hour, is one of the most effective methods used to stop the problem of hair loss today.

In order for a normal hair follicle to remain on the scalp for a long time, apart from genetic factors, it is necessary to have a healthy and adequate nutrition. There are capillaries in our scalp that feed the hair follicles. These capillaries carry the reparative substances they need to the hair follicles through the blood circulation. Sometimes, due to many reasons such as genetic factors, systematic diseases, stress, smoking, unhealthy diet, hair follicles cannot be fed adequately and hair loss begins. At this point, PRP hair treatment comes into play and aims to strengthen the hair follicles by injecting the restorative and restructuring substances in the person’s own blood into the scalp.

PRP used in hair treatment

How is PRP hair treatment applied?

A very small amount of blood, such as 10-15 cc, is taken from the person to whom PRP will be applied, and placed in a centrifuge in a special kit, and a rich material called Platelet or Trambocyte is obtained from the person’s blood, which will provide the nutrition needed by the hair follicles and renew the cells, and this mixture is used in areas where hair loss is intense. is injected. In this way, insufficiently nourished hair follicles begin to revive and the scalp tries to produce strong hair follicles.

Sessions in PRP hair treatment

PRP hair treatment is applied between 3-6 sessions at approximately 1-1.5 month intervals. The number of sessions varies depending on the hair texture and hair loss of the person to whom PRP will be applied. In some cases, 3 sessions may be sufficient, while in some cases, the person may be asked to come for 1 more session at the end of 6 sessions. Sessions take about half an hour. Since the area where PRP will be applied is anesthetized with anesthetic cream, the person does not feel any pain or pain. Immediately after the PRP procedure, the person can return to his normal life.

PRP hair treatment is an FDA-approved scientific treatment method. It can be easily applied to women, men, all ages and all kinds of hair loss. Since PRP is produced with the person’s own blood, it does not cause any reaction in the body. When applied together with Hair Mesotherapy, very successful results are obtained.

How to apply PRP hair treatment