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How permanent is our hair transplant?

If the right steps are taken during the surgery, yes, hair transplantation is a 100% permanent method. However, it might be beneficial to consider this perspective: The compatibility of your body with the newly transplanted hair follicles is guaranteed, as the hair follicles are taken from the individual themselves. However, in rare cases, there might be some shedding in the first few days after the hair transplant. For the initial 3 days, the hair is not washed, and from the subsequent days, washing can commence, adhering to your doctor’s recommendations. If you avoid actions that damage, matte, or generally harm your hair, the success rate ranges between 95%-100%. Remember, the usual loss rate is between 3-5%, and the newly transplanted hair follicles will become resistant to testosterone effects genetically. After the transplant, it means your new hair will remain with you for a lifetime. If you have undergone a hair transplant surgery and think that the transplanted hairs are shedding, it would render the transplantation process pointless, wouldn’t it?
What is the permanence of hair transplantation?

What should be considered before a hair transplant?

In our country, especially among men, baldness is a common fear. This might be mainly due to our generation experiencing intense hair loss. However, it’s essential to understand that there isn’t a 100% definitive solution for hair loss. Although it can be slowed down, it is often deemed challenging to stop it entirely. Nevertheless, it is very possible to regain hair after hair loss through the hair transplant technique. In fact, this procedure is extensively performed in our country. For a successful hair transplant, there are many sensitive issues to consider before the operation. The more carefully these factors are addressed, the more successful the hair transplant operation will be.
What should be taken into consideration before hair transplantation?

Pay attention to these before a hair transplant!

Given that the procedure will begin by creating hair channels in the balding area and involves a specific anesthesia application, hair transplantation can be considered a kind of surgical intervention for the hair. Before this procedure, one should quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and avoid taking aspirin and its derivatives. The choice of clothing before the surgical intervention on the hair is also crucial to avoid complications after the procedure. Removing and putting on clothes after the application could be slightly damaging. Additionally, on the night before the surgical intervention on the hair, one should get a good night’s sleep and take a shower. When these and similar recommendations are carefully followed and the procedure is performed by a skilled physician, even hairdressers cannot detect that a hair transplant has been done. Ensuring visual quality is related to the hair channels that will be created. Therefore, the individual performing the operation is of great significance. Otherwise, the results may lead to dissatisfaction for the person undergoing the procedure. Before a hair transplant, it is determined in which direction the hair will be styled in the future, and the hair channels are opened accordingly. Otherwise, the outcome might be hair standing straight up. Moreover, hair transplantation cannot be performed on individuals who don’t have any hair at all.
Pay attention to these before hair transplantation

There’s a health risk!

Nowadays, there are many places, or even individuals, offering hair transplantation services. It’s imperative that these transplantations are performed in a genuinely healthy and sterile environment. The hair transplant specialist must undoubtedly be experienced. Otherwise, you might encounter health issues such as ingrown hairs. To avoid these problems, you should think thrice about where you’re getting your hair transplant. We host you in a hospital of international standards and A-grade quality, and our hair transplant procedures are performed by our experts with 9 years of experience.