Hair loss

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Hair loss : Undoubtedly, hair is one of the features that show the most obvious differences between people and add beauty and attractiveness. Containing a type of keratin, the hair consists of three different layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla. Its color, shape and length are different from person to person and it adds a beautiful aesthetic in harmony with all other body structures of the person. Along with this aesthetic beauty in themselves, people change the appearance of their hair in line with their own taste and liking, and gain an image and aesthetic structure that differentiates them from other people. This attention and intensity given to appearance also reveals how important hair is for human life. Therefore, a hair loss that occurs can change a person’s life completely, and the person can give all his density to restore his hair.

Causes of Hair Loss

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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can develop due to many reasons. These are generally as follows;

  • Male pattern hair loss (Androgenetic allopia) Although the frequency of this type of hair loss has not been recorded exactly, it has been found to approach 100%.


  • Diffuse alopecia – What we call diffuse alopecia is the generalized or global hair loss that occurs widely on the entire scalp of the person. It is usually not noticed until very severe hair loss occurs. The course of diffuse alopecia is variable and it can be progressively or periodically increasing depending on the cause.
  • Alopecia areata – alopecia areata appears as small circular craters with clear borders and without any previous symptoms. From time to time, it is manifested by the loss of all scalp hair and even other hairs on the whole body.
  • Cicatricial alopecia – Cicatricial alopecia is caused by permanent destruction and fibrosis (scar tissue formation) of hair follicles. It usually occurs in a circular pattern while it is commonly seen.
  • Traumatic alopecia – Traction (pulling) or traumatic alopecias arise from various and different types of physical and chemical injuries. This type of hair loss can be acute or chronic.
Infections and infestations
  • Infections and infestations – This type of hair loss is caused by various microorganisms (fungi, bacteria or viruses) and lice, directly or indirectly, by finishing the hair shaft or disrupting the functions of the hair follicles. This type of hair loss is evaluated according to the specific cause.
  • Hair shaft abnormalities that cause alopecia – This type of hair loss is divided into four groups: breaks, irregularities, curls or coils, and foreign substances affecting the hair shaft. All these are factors that affect this type of shedding.
  • Hereditary and congenital alopecia – This type of hair loss consists of various hereditary diseases that have occurred before, or diseases or complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Hair loss may occur due to various chronic skin diseases such as alopecia – psoriasis due to various reasons.


Apart from all these reasons, other types of hair loss are usually temporary and are caused by various reasons. For example, stress, thyroid disorders, zinc and iron deficiencies, infections,
General anesthesia and surgery, diabetes, overdose of vitamin A, treatments with various drugs, especially chemotherapy, can be counted.

With all these explanations, let us add that
  • With all these explanations, let’s add that people who are faced with hair loss no longer need to isolate themselves by getting stressed out of life, and live in a tense and distressed mood. Hair loss is no longer a problem nowadays. You can regain your old and lush hair and regain your joy. You do not need to go abroad or to cities such as Ankara and Istanbul to benefit from today’s health service. Antalya Hair Transplantation Center in Antalya, which is one of the favorite centers of tourism, can have hair transplantation at very affordable prices, and you can get rid of this problem completely. We look forward to introducing you to quality service and real satisfaction with our professional doctors who are experts in their fields.